[buug] Cannot run any applications in Solaris 8...

Kip Kramer meliorasf at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 11 20:39:49 PST 2002

Hoping someone can help me out here:

Just installed a fresh copy of Solaris 8, (Rev A, Jan 01) on an Ultra 5 box: 9G HD, 256
MB RAM.  After installation, I log in as root and my desktop (CDE) comes up just fine.

If I click the "Applications" tab, and then double-click "Desktop_Apps" and then double
click any of the applications icons, I hear the hard disk spin for a second or two, but
no new windows open on the screen.  No indication that anything has happened.  Similarly,
I can see all the apps in the apps folder, but cannot get any of them to run.  Same
symptom: when I double click one, I hear the disk spin for a second or 2, then it stops. 
Same thing happens when opening an app from any folder (Desktop_Tools, Admin, etc.).

Have looked at the 4 default workspaces, and nothing there, either.  I have re-booted
several times.  I even re-formatted the drive and re-installed the OS again, same result.

Does anyone know why I cannot bring up any apps windows?  (possible clue: the "/home"
directory is write protected when I am logged in as root, which doesn't make any sense).

Many thanks to any who can prod me in the right direction...

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