[buug] I want to set up IPA in BSD 4.4

Valentin Milanov vmilanov at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 12 09:43:09 PST 2002

The problem is following :
I want to track the traffic to machine with IP

I want to know if the syntaxis of the config file is correct

startup {
       exec=/sbin/ipfw 100 allow all ip from any to out xmit ed0
       exec=/sbin/ipfw 101 allow all ip from to any in recv ed0

rule PC1 {
      ipfw=100 101
      info=Traffic for PC1

because I got following error message:

.... ipfw rule 100.0 doesn't exist in IPFW kernel table(rule PC1)
.... ipfw rule 101.0 doesn't exist in IPFW kernel table(rule PC1)

Thanx for the cooperation!

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