[buug] CLI environment on Windows

Brian Sobolak sobolak at myrealbox.com
Tue Mar 26 08:56:19 PST 2002

I was having a conversation at the last BUUG about a good unix-like environment on windows and promised a link:


It creates a bash environment and gives you access to a lot of the unix tools you're already used to.  It also allows you to launch processes from within windows, so I've symlink'ed some tools I have to use (winword, iexplore) to make me feel more at home.

Apparently it has the ability to run some XFree86 programs, but I haven't tried that beyond rxvt, a terminal emulator.

I find this and a nicely customized copy of XEmacs to be a fine ersatz unix-on-windows.


ps Email me off-list if you want the hack that enables command-line completion on DOS.  It's a lifesaver!

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