[buug] Linux on an Ultra/5?

Raitis Grinbergs glatisant at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 27 08:42:31 PST 2002

Hello, one and all!  I am a friend of Brian Sobolak, and he referred me here
for some advice.

I recently acquired a Sun Ultra/5.  I am interested in trying out Linux,
both as a workstation and eventually as a web server, and thought that this
would be a good opportunity to start the process.  I notice that many of the
Linux flavors have UltraLinux distributions (albeit many of them a release
or two behind the non-Ultra version).  Is there any information that you can
give me on the pros and cons of the various distributions on the Ultra?

Based on what I have seen so far, RedHat is probably out, since they are no
longer supporting Ultra releases (though I haven't checked out the
independently-done port project yet), and Debian is a very likely candidate
since it seems to be the most up-to-date on the Ultra releases.

Additionally, I am considering trying to dual-boot UltraLinux and Solaris.
I see comments in the UltraLinux FAQ about doing this, including the fact
that the swap space can be shared and that Solaris needs to own the first
few disk sectors, but I did not see any instructions on doing this.  Can you
point me to any likely places for this sort of information?

I have used Unix fairly extensively in the past (NeXTStep and Solaris) as a
user, but rarely as an admin, so I am only *mostly* ignorant. ;-)

Any information that you could pass on would be most appreciated!

Thank you,
Raitis Grinbergs

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