[buug] Re: ethernet config problems

Jerry Cheung jrcow97 at yahoo.com
Thu May 2 12:19:28 PDT 2002

First attempt with be to just configure it ISA PnP
like Ian said so I don't have to pull the card out,
and put it in the machine with dos to disable PnP.

> In a nutshell:
> 1/ pnpdump > foo
> 2/ sensible-editor foo
> 3/ mv foo /etc/isapnp.conf
> 4/ echo "isapnp /etc/isapnp.conf" >> /etc/rc
> 5/ echo "modprobe 3c509 io=0xwhatever
irq=0xsomething" >> /etc/rc

>Personally, I just get ahold of the 3C5X9 Etherdisk
>and disable PnP mode.   It's a lot less trouble.

This sounds like a good possibility. I found the
ultility and I'll try it out tonight.  After disabling
PnP, how would linux recognize the ISA?  Would it
detect at boot?

>I spent/wasted hours configuring this with SuSe, but
>it worked out of the box on Mandrake.  

Well, a friend went through quite a bit of trouble to
get me the slackware isos, and I like the system so
far, so I'm not planning on switching anytime soon. 
I'd like to try all the distros though.  I haven't
noticed a lot of differences between Slack and RH
besides, pkgtool VS RPM, and where the files are kept.
 I like pkgtool better than RPM.  Simple to use for a
newbie like me.  Haven't had dependency problems so
far either, a real plus cause that really made me pull
out my hair :)  
Thanks everyone ;)

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