[buug] Re: ethernet config problems

Jerry Cheung jrcow97 at yahoo.com
Fri May 3 11:53:24 PDT 2002

Hey everyone, I got the dos 3C5X9cfg.exe and ran it to
collect more stats about the card.  In fact, the card
is older than I thought (still in good condition

The information I collected was 
3Com 3c509 TPO EtherLink III 16-bit ISA NIC
NIC type - TP-Only
Manufactured - 4-25-1990 :)
I/O base address - 300H
Interrupt - 10

...sorry, but it turns out it's not PnP...
>For that matter, a Linux maintenance floppy with the
>3c5x9utils programs would be really handy, too.
>That includes diag and setup utilities, but I have no
>idea if they
>include the ability to toggle PnP.  Whereas, 3Com's
>program for DOS does.

>Not surprisingly, they turn out on examination to be
>yet another Donald
>Becker creation:
>The setup program is claimed to be able to set
>specific IRQ and I/O
>assignments from the command line.  Which _seems_ to
>suggest disabling
>of PnP mode, but that is untested by me.  (Note that
>Becker gives 
>code and ultra-simple compilation instructions right
>on the Web page.)

Thanks, good to have :)  I'll try both of them out
tonight and tell how it comes out tommorow.

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