[buug] Absurd job posting?

Nick Sophinos nickmdf at tsoft.com
Fri May 3 08:54:18 PDT 2002

Hey all,

Per our discussion last night unrealistic job postings, this one struck me
odd.  John - as an embedded C developer, are you also a J2EE expert (seeing
the two disiplines are so closely related)?

See below (from Monster):

US-CA-San Jose-J2EE/Embedded Engineer


    We are a high-speed broadband Internet development company.
We are currently searching for a J2EE developer with a background in
Embedded development.
The right person will have a strong J2EE with 4-5 years of high availability
Java development.
 Must also have about 10 years of experience in Embedded C/C++ development.
The ability to
develop at both the application level and the embedded level is required.

- Nick

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