[buug] apache logformat question

Bob Read unixjavabob at yahoo.com
Tue May 7 12:20:10 PDT 2002

This is an apache question.  The answer should have
been simple...I have been researching on yahoo,
google, and apache.org for about an hour now, and I
can't find the answer.


In the apache custom log format for access_log, there
is an option to display total seconds elapsed for each
request to apache.  The option is "%T".

The Question:

Is there a way of showing the total "milli"-seconds
elapsed instead of seconds? (all my "%T" values are
zero, I need a more precise number)


There are perl modules for benchmarking...but I don't
want these.  I want the total milliseconds to display
in the apache "access_log".

Also related:

There is an apache benchmark tool that gives you
milliseconds...but again, I need the total
milliseconds to show up in the access_log.

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