[buug] Are there any commercial Unix users in this group?

Bob Read unixjavabob at yahoo.com
Fri May 24 10:29:25 PDT 2002

   Here is my "clip'n'cut" guide to the
unixes...hopefully the other "buug"-ers will add to

AIX--for companies with IBM as corporate standard
Solaris--the ultimate in high price, service,
toolkits, services, vendors, and compatible apps
IRIX--graphics, graphics, graphics
HP-UX--could not quite afford solaris..got this
Sequent/SCO--science geeks (faster math?)
Compaq--(DG-UX)--Bizarro version of HP-UX
Dec-alpha--another OSF1 clone headed downhill
NCR--dead, I think.

   For more information, I remember a book that had
good diagrams explaining the "evolution of unix", I
think it was O'Reilly's "essential system

   For my money, the commercial system with the least
headaches for sysadmins has been solaris for many
years now.

   Big Corporations will sometimes invest in an open
source box for firewalls and routers...but the
"business back end" is another story.  Big
Corporations choose commercial unixes for the
following reasons:

1)  required by vendors
2)  corporate standard
3)  business relationship/partnership agreement (full
range of services offered with one phone call to the
sales guy)

   Rarely are the opinions of the various technocrats
involved as important as the above 3...remember, its a
business decision!  And non-Enron business decisions
tend to be conservative.  As time goes on and the open
source unixes "prove their stability", we will see
sales drop for the commericial unixes....but this drop
will be slow...big companies don't WANT to migrate
their accounting software from HP-UX to FreeBSD and
they won't for many years to come...imagine the costs
to retrain the staff or pay a consultant!  ouch!  Why
rock the boat if the budget has already been
allocated?, etc, etc.


--- Nick Buchanan <nbuchanan at onebox.com> wrote:
> Are there any commercial Unix users in this group?
> I.E. Solaris; HP-UX;
> AIX? I'm new to the group. It would be great to
> share experiences with
> others on these platforms. Particularly Solaris. Any
> poor implemtatations,
> great ones? Experiences using choice hardware (
> E10k, Sunfire E15k, HDS9960,
> Superdome ) ?     
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