[buug] Are there any commercial Unix users in this group?

Nick Buchanan nbuchanan at onebox.com
Fri May 24 16:33:28 PDT 2002

Fascinating . . . . 

What kind of hardware are you taking about? Come to think of it the problems
have been localized to a select set of hardware. I see the most failures
on E3500 - E6500 system boards and CPU's and IBM HDs.  Most of the failures
are e-cache parity related, but in the sombra class system boards and
CPU's they mirrored the cache to prevent this kind of system panic. Don't
get me wrong SUN hardware is stable, but not nearly as reliable as HP
or IBM hardware.  

Nick Buchanan
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---- "f.johan.beisser" <jan at caustic.org> wrote:
> On Fri, 24 May 2002, Nick Buchanan wrote:
> > Each flavor has a place, I would agree that an HA system running
> Oracle
> > or SAP/R3 should be on a commercial system. Edge systems however
> are
> > a different animal. This is where Linux and BSD flavors shine. I
> would
> > run webservers and routers on these. Does it make sense to run Apache
> > on a $15,000 420R when a PC running Linux or BSD will out perform
> it?
> more so, a Netra T1 will. assuming, of course, you're an all solaris
> house.
> > Solaris - Veritile and robust - As for the harware, HORIBLE reliabillity,
> > great service from SUN, though $$$.
> i actually dissagree about the hardware not being up to par. i've found
> sun hardware to be very reliable, and very stable, not to mention easy
> to
> upgrade and abuse.
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