[buug] NTP Time Setting

Dave Barry dave at mikamyla.com
Wed Oct 2 14:33:47 PDT 2002

Quothe Joseph Zitt <jzitt at metatronpress.com>, on Wed, Oct 02, 2002:
> One concern that I have about its working automatically is that I'm on
> dialup (ugh), and so it probably wouldn't be able to check itself on a
> regular schedule. Would this be a problem?

Probably more of a headache than its worth.  I guess it depends on whether or
not your dialup is connected all the time.

I would suggest just running ntpdate as part of your dialup script, that way
you'll sync every time you connect.  Your other option is to run ntpd, and
have it demand-dial when it needs to sync, but this seems like overkill, as I
imagine it will be dialing quite often.

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