[buug] Convert Linux Gateway to OpenBSD

Charles Howse chowse at charter.net
Thu Oct 24 16:04:32 PDT 2002

> > everything else is just icing.
> Well, I would agree...so...I should upgrade to stable, apply the
> patches, then remove the compiler, then put it on the network?

>install the snapshots. upgrade when 3.2 (-stable) is released.

 From the web page - 
Between formal releases, a series of snapshot releases are made
available. Snapshots are test releases of the -current source tree.
Because they reflect the current state of development, there is no
guarantee that snapshot releases will work correctly (or even at all).
Snapshots are quite useful when moving from a formal release (or older
version of -current) to the current tree.

I thought stable was where I wanted to be, rather than current.

> How do I apply future patches?  (I admit I haven't done my homework
> here.)

>if the machine works, why fix it? the occasional upgrade isn't a bad
>doing one that's not necessary to a production machine (and that is
>this is) is foolish.

Agreed, I patch my Windows box when they release a patch for an
application that I use.
It makes sense to patch the BSD box when they release a patch for an
issue that affects me.
That's what I intend to do.  What is the best way to do that?  
Get the patches from 'errata' and install them manually?

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