[buug] Blocking sendmail

Bill Honeycutt wfhoney at pacbell.net
Wed Sep 18 16:08:25 PDT 2002

Before the catcalls start, let me say that I know that I shouldn't have
sendmail running when I should be using one of the many perfectly good

But I have is running on one machine.  I filter packets such that only
localhost can connect, all others packets are rejected.  So imagine my
surprise to see the following in my process status output:

> ps ax
>... stuff deleted...
> 2896 ?     S  0:00 sendmain: ./g8G7DAJ26233 gateway4.worldnet.att.net:

Yikes!!  All packets from both the localnet and DMZ are disallowed, so
the question becomes, "has someone found an innovative way to use my
sendmail daemon?"

Thanks in advance!


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