[buug] Junk/Moving

Aaron T Porter atporter at primate.net
Tue Aug 12 10:03:29 PDT 2003

	I'm on my way out of my Berkeley apartment. All of this stuff is
strictly AS-IS! I know the Viewsonic works, but I don't have the time or
motivation to test any of the other stuff. Let me know if you are
interested in grabbing this before sunday:

1 Pentium (unknown speed), 4 SIMMs (unknown size), ATX motherboard, case,
	powersupply. no video, network, hard drive.
1 Pentium 3/550, 256mb ram, atx motherboard, case, powersupply, No video,
	network, hard drive.
1 Viewsonic 17PS CRT
2 Toshiba IDE CD drives, unknown speed, black faceplates
1 300W ATX Power Supply
1 KeyTronic PS2 keyboard (with "penguin" keys not windows keys)
1 Pile of parts from an apple airport (everything but the pcmcia card it
2 "SilentDrive" enclosures from QuietPC.com
1 Stack of right angle pci riser cards for rackmount servers
1 SpeedStream 5250 SDSL Modem (used with Speakeasy/Covad SDSL)
1 USRobotics Courier v.Everything
1 Lucent 9110 900mhz Cordless Phone

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