[buug] Thanks, Installing FBSD

john smith joh16212 at msn.com
Thu Dec 11 23:02:40 PST 2003

Patrick Soltani , johnd , f.johan.beisser.
Thanks for responding to my question . But I couldn't get anything done. All 
my fault.
System Information:

Free BSD 5.1
Install with CD's (sysinstall)
Installed Xf86 with sysinstall( I installed everything that refer to 
X11-(XF86),server client,everything
Installed all Windows Managers (prefer KDE )
Mouse sp/2 Generic (wheel)
Keyboard  Generic
Video card ( 2 )  1- Integreded in Motherboard (Intel 815)
                     2- PNY-Verto-vanta-16MB sdram (nvidia vanta)
In the grafic sysinstall configuration of the Xserver I removed the Intel 
card,and also removed the second monitor , yes it shows two video cards and 
two monitors . The monitors have a red check mark on them like if something 
is wrong with the monitos.
With the configuration of the video  card . like I said I revoded Intel card 
and the monitor that shows conected to it. And I use the nvidia with the 
envidia drver that loads automaticaly . But doesn't work. I use the vesa 
driver too  but it doesn't work ( I mean KDE loads OK but when I move the 
mouse .the pointer desapair or actually it goes to the upper right corner of 
the screen
but when I move the mouse againg ,windows appear and desappear all cryzy and 
I have to press Alt-Ctrl-Backspace to get out of KDE.
I also removed the mouse demon (I think it is-demon)With no mouse KDE loads 
the same way And I can close all the windows that load up .but after I 
closed all the windows I get stuck I don't know what to do . I need the 
mouse to get around in KDE.

Patrick, you told me to use a shell command , but I don't know anythig about 
that ( I want to learn)
but I tryed I did: # cd  /etc/rc.cof           command not found
I did    # cd  /etc                         OK
I did    # ls                                  a bunch of files shwed up but 
not rc.conf

Ok guys I hope this info will give you a better idea of my problem . And 
hopefully you will help me to fix it.


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