[buug] runing X remotely on an XP system

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Fri Dec 12 12:39:50 PST 2003

Quoting Bruce Ferrell (bferrell at baywinds.org):

> sure.  Install cygwin's xfree component on the XP box and kick your X 
> applications back to that display.
> Or you could spend a whole bunch of money and get a commercial X server 
> for your XP box.  I prefer the cygwin solution

The Cygwin XFree86 port for legacy Win32 systems has reputedly gotten
quite good.  A list of options believed to be exhaustive can be found at
link "X Servers for Win32" on http://linuxmafia.com/kb/Legacy_Microsoft .

But honestly, it seems to me that our correspondent is solving the wrong
problem.  It'd be so much nicer to use a nice *BSD or Linux X11 desktop
system as one's console, and get to remotely located legacy Win32 boxes 
as required via VNC / RFB or rdesktop / RDP 4.  Details at the link
"VNC and Similar" on http://linuxmafia.com/kb/Legacy_Microsoft .

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