[buug] Debian 3.0r2 i386 Binary-1 & Knoppix CDs

Michael Paoli mp at rawbw.com
Tue Dec 16 09:57:22 PST 2003

LINUX (Debian/Knoppix) CDs
If anyone's interested in these CDs:
Debian GNU/Linux 3.0 r2 "Woody" - Official i386 Binary-1 CD
I can have some copies available (modest quantities)
on CD-RW media with jewel or slim-jewel cases
for $2.00 USD each
at the 2003-12-18 BUUG meeting.
Dropping me a courtesy e-mail note expressing specific interest and
desired quantity(/ies) preferably at least 4 hours prior to the meeting
(meeting starts at 7pm, so that would be before 3pm) would help me in
anticipating any specific demand.  I may also still have some
Debian GNU/Linux 3.0 r1 "Woody" - Official i386 Binary-1 CDs
at that time, but I'll be phasing them out in favor of r2.

Random notes/references:
I'm not offering the full Debian CD set presently, just the first i386
CD (enough to get a fairly useful installation done, anyway).
CD-RW - mileage/reliability/readability might vary depending on drive
type (I'm not sure how well they work, particularly in ancient CD-ROM
drives); CD-R? ... I haven't bought any CD-R media yet, ... you're going
to want "Sarge" or something else on there after a while anyway, aren't
you? :-)
Oh, ... I also tend to write using overhead transparency ink on the top 
of the CD-RWs - this makes it very easy to wipe off (water soluble) to  
relabel ... but can also smear off easily with handling (but you only
place your fingers on the edges and/or center hub hole anyway, right?).

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