[buug] Determining which records were dropped?

Bob Read unixjavabob at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 2 12:23:53 PDT 2003

The path of least work might be to take the dataset
"as is" and recalculate.

In other words, who cares what the other guy
did...you've got the data now...it's YOUR turn to kick
some ass.

Bob R.

--- Claude Rubinson <cmsclaud at uga.edu> wrote:
> ---- Jon wrote ----
> >Do you know _why_ eight records were dropped? That
> would get 
> >you a long ways towards figuring out which 8 to
> drop. Have you 
> >tried looking at the 58 records to see if there's
> anything in 
> >common amongst a subset? You could also just try
> common
> >things, like dropping outliers, etc.
> That's the problem -- I've tried everything obvious
> without
> success.  And there are 245 variables per record --
> too many
> criteria permutations to be of use.  (Frankly, my
> growing fear
> is that something else was done to the dataset which
> I'm not
> aware of.  I.e., even if I do hit on the correct
> subset, I
> still won't get the expected results.  But at this
> point, I
> can't be sure of that -- it would at least be nice
> to be able
> to say definitively that the dataset has been
> changed.)
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