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Aleksandr Melentiev alex at myzona.net
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I am not sure what is the correct way to accomplish such a task, but I can
give you some insight on how others differentiate users to explicitly deny
For example, in Russia exists a list of all the russian IP zones, if the
user connects and his IP doesnt match the list, he gets denied. This way
russian companies try to avoid the network traffic from other countries,
because its expensive over there. Such a list is somewhat 50k in size. I
dont know if something similar can be done in the U.S.


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> Hi,
> Most of the hits against our websites from domestic users (i.e. browsers
> located in the US of A).
> Is it possible to differentiate users who are coming to us from "across
> the pond"?
> Although this isn't specifically a *NIX question, I thought someone
> might have insight into the issue.
> Thanks in advance!!!
> Bill
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