[buug] tired of redhat, and i want something new to play with

mikron mikron at idiom.com
Sun May 4 00:53:44 PDT 2003

hey folks,

for a wide variety of reasons, I am sick of red hat linux, and I want 
to try something else for some of my home systems.  any suggestions?  I 
am thinking of trying debian or freebsd; both seem to have plenty of 
software available.

Some quick questions:

1) How does debian stack up to rpm based distros?  does it use 
runlevels, or is it more bsd like in startup/shutdown?

2) How much of a learning curve is there for freebsd coming from a 
linux environment?

3) How widespread is *bsd or debian in the corporate world?  besides 
yahoo, anyone else use bsd?

4) In 50 words or less, why you use debian(or freebsd).

Thanks for your help,


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