[buug] tired of redhat, and i want something new to play with

f.johan.beisser jan at caustic.org
Sun May 4 11:35:26 PDT 2003

On Sun, 4 May 2003, Aaron T Porter wrote:

> 	I'd disagree on that. FreeBSD is *very* different from an admin
> standpoint. Fortuately there is copious documentation, in particular the
> FreeBSD Handbook (http://freebsd.org).

from an administrative standpoint, each flavour of UNIX is decidedly
different than the other. from a user perspective, it's much the same.

between man pages, some reading, and use, it takes very little to pick up
another UNIX-clone and know enough about it to understand what's going on.

Going from Linux to Plan9, though, would be a large leap.

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