[buug] tired of redhat, and i want something new to play with

Nick Moffitt nick at zork.net
Sun May 4 12:08:59 PDT 2003

begin  f.johan.beisser  quotation:
> due to my lack of time, i've not yet had a chance to run through LFS
> at all. How much do you like it?

	I have not ever gone through the LFS instructions
step-by-step, so I cannot speak to their qualities in that regard.
The LFS documents were, however, of great help to us in the initial
construction of the 2.x series of LNX-BBC.  2.0 was the first LNX-BBC
release that we compiled from scratch (using my novel new GAR
packaging system, which is also used by the GNOME project to
distribute testing releases).  

	If you're looking for automated source-compile distributions,
there are a few nowadays, with Gentoo being the most popular (or at
least the one with the best marketing/PR push).  I believe Rick has a
list of them in his copious documentation about the various free

	But as you read his docs, you'll grow to understand that
calling out "what distributions do you like, and why?" is likely to be
a futile effort.  Personal opinion and historical accident play too
strong a role for anyone's claims to be applicable to your situation.

	Fortunately, there is hope!  Most of the relevant
distributions provide downloadable ISO images or other installation
media at no charge!  Many are mirrored around the world on
high-bandwidth servers!  You can purchase a large cross-section of
free unix distros from some of the CD-ROM publishers for a minimal
fee, and then try them out as you go!

	Nothing beats personal experience on this one.  Give each
distro a couple weeks to a month, and then swap.  If you keep your
home directory backed up, you can almost act like nothing changed for
the most part.



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