[buug] tired of redhat, and i want something new to play with

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Sun May 4 17:31:36 PDT 2003

Quoting Nick Moffitt (nick at zork.net):

> Great.  You may also wish to consider Debian, which installs a
> base system of about 80MB, and you install only what you need.
> Dependencies are solved automatically.

Concur -- but it's difficult to beat Slackware, Stampede, or the various
build-from-source distributions (Gentoo, LFS = Linux from Scratch,
Sourcemage, Lunar Linux, Rock Linux, Sorcerer) for extreme lack of

Debian has a very distinct appeal once you master some Debianisms, 
but it's not sparse, nearly-bare-metal Unix.

http://www.distrowatch.com/ may be of some use to people looking for
Linux distributions to try.  It even has a separate list of
build-from-source distributions -- which omits LFS, perhaps on the
principle you cited that it's less a distribution than a set of
system-construction documentation.

Cheers,                            Why, yes, _of course_ I'm an elitist.   
Rick Moen                          Isn't everyone?              
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