[buug] FreeBSD Linux Compatibility problem

Erick Smith desertfox at cableaz.com
Fri May 9 09:44:13 PDT 2003

OK, thanks for all the info.  I received a suggestion from my posting on 
OSNews that has helped the most.  I'm posting it here in case anyone else is 
watching this thread.

What they suggested was to unpack the RPM using:

rpm -i --ignoreos --root /compat/linux --dbpath /var/lib/rpm package

(This comes from the FreeBSD Handbook 22.5 - Installing Oracle)

(It's the --root and --dbpath options that did the trick)

This worked, and my app now knows it's a linux app, but it can't find some 
app-specific libraries.  Now I'm looking up how to set the path variable for 
the linux compatibility layer so that I can tell it where the local libraries 

Thanks for all the help.  I have solved the core problem, the rest should be 

BTW, I'm not a real big fan of RPM's now :)

Thanks again,


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