[buug] wake-on-lan/PXE auto-install questions?

Aaron T Porter atporter at primate.net
Tue May 27 13:37:10 PDT 2003

On Tue, May 27, 2003 at 01:00:47PM -0700, Bob Read wrote:
> 1)  Anybody set this up?  How did you do it, what
> tools did you use (ie Rembo), which OSs did you
> auto-install?

	Never tried Wake On Lan, but I do PXE all the time. Done net
boot installs of Linux, Solaris and OpenBSD.
> 2)  Which network bootloader works best (ie
> DHCP/PXE/tFTP, pxelinux, etherboot, grub)?

	pxelinux + ISC DHCP works great for me. Pretty much limits you to
Intel ethernet cards though.
> 3)  Any problems with different hardware in the
> auto-install machine (ie network cards, hard drives,
> video)?  How did you cope with different hardware?

	I mostly use PXE as an install method, then run off the local
drive. If you want to netboot all the time, you can setup different kernel
images, root directories, etc based on MAC address.

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