[buug] connecting between linux machines?

Nick Moffitt nick at zork.net
Fri Nov 14 12:38:06 PST 2003

begin  Rick Moen Lives Three Hours from Nowhere  quotation:
> Quoting Sean Neakums (sneakums at zork.net):
> > Rick Moen <rick at linuxmafia.com> writes:
> > 
> > > Skip, there are a lot of us who do this for a living.  Given
> > > that you're setting Reply-To to direct any answers off-list,
> > > [...]
> > 
> > Setting Reply-To does not have this effect.
> Well, not if subsequent correspondents _override_ a Reply-To
> pointing off-list, no.

	You're overstating the issue.  The Reply-To in Skip's message
should have no effect on individual replies, group replies, OR list
replies.  There's nothing to override, since Reply-To is specifically
for replacing the From: header.  Any group reply will properly include
all included To and Cc entries (including the list) as well as the
From/Reply-To, and a list reply will make use of any detected
"subscribe" commands or other list identification techniques used in
your mailer setup.

	The only header I can see that would affect a list reply is
Mail-Followup-To (roughly equivalent to the netnews Followup-To
header, though less widely accepted), although my experiments with
redirecting replies to read-only lists revealed that mutt (at least)
does not allow Mail-Followup-To to ever *remove* the sending list from
the distribution of a list reply.

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