[buug] cisco emulator

Evan Cofsky unix at theunixman.com
Tue Oct 7 16:27:22 PDT 2003

> I didn't realize they were so cheap, I think I wil buy one.  I want
> make sure what ever kind I buy is the same kind I need to know about to pass
> the CCNA/P tests.

Different Cisco routers have different capabilities, as do different
IOS versions.  And different IOS versions have different ways of doing
the same things.

> From what I understood in class there are more than one type of router.

There are many.

> Once I figure out what I need, I will consider getting a used router.

You can get cheap 1700s and 2500s which will do the standard VPN and

> I've already looked at zebra.  I didn't realize it could be used to emulate
> a cisco router.

It has an IOS compatibility mode which is useful for taking IOS
configurations and running them on Zebra routers.  It's not an exact
duplicate, but it is enough to get the feel for how the IOS commands

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