[buug] cisco emulator

Patrick Soltani psoltani at ultradns.com
Wed Oct 8 10:44:09 PDT 2003

>the thing is I need identical syntax not amlmost identical because I am
>trying to learn enough to pass some of the cisco certification tests
>I'm thinking my best bet is going to be to get a used router to play
Yeah, I agree a chipo 2500 router should do it, however, I promise you when you get your ccna/ccnp/etc and work on some gear in production, you'd be cussing IOS and cisco why it doesn't work the way you learned it from their books/gears/etc ;-).

Also note that software routers specially quagga is designed to be "very similar" to IOS and in fact, if you understand the IOS syntax, Quagga feels right at home. Specially when you add to the mix your OS skills, it's an unbeatable combination.
Not only you do routing, but also having tools available to you to debug/probe/troubleshoot almost any aspect of the routing.

Good luck!
Patrick Soltani.

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