[buug] Skype problems

Rodrigo Maues Rocha rmaues at argo.com.br
Wed Aug 4 06:32:41 PDT 2004


It's my first message. I have a Evo N1020v compaq notebook with the 
5.2.1 intalled and work fine. Last week a try to install a  skype ported 
version.  I found  a problem with sound and  find  on web a  found  a  
skype forum where  I  see  a message from Alexander Leidinger(ports 
maintainer). So, in this message Alexander talk about a problem with a 
freebsd sound system and recomend the use a patch make from him. OK, I 
do this, recompile my kernel and make a reboot.

When start, my speakers have a constant sound. Alexander think that can 
be a problem with acpi. Here I need the both, skype and acpi. Any one 
have any idea to fix this??


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