[buug] software system needed

jwithers grayarea at reddagger.org
Fri Aug 27 14:26:12 PDT 2004

Don't make your own. Reinventing the wheel for a "simple" web app is
much more effort in the long run than the learning curve for the tool.
Been there, done that way too much. Maintainability and extensibility
always end up being much easier with the well used solution suites.

And I would go with Plone, but I am hardcore python person and have a
lot of experience with Zope, so take it for what it is worth. The only
problem is that the learning for Zope can be a bit steep. However, most
of the stuff you are talking about is pretty close to out of the box
with zope/plone.

Actually, there is another problem, depending on your perspective. You
need to realize up front that Zope/Plone doesn't use the file system to
store things. In the end, everything lives in the zope object database.
ZODB is fairly well crafted and cool, but if you have to have things
outside of zope and your web interface playing with your data for some
reason, you have to come up with a connector. Which can be a pain in the
butt. There are ways around this, but they require some knowledge and
effort to implement.


On Fri, 2004-08-27 at 13:35, johnd wrote:
> I am trying to put together a system where many independent contractors of
> a certain type can be part of.  If I need to find someone in a certain area
> to help me I could search for someone based on location and see their 
> resumes and possible some kind of rating.
> Also, I could have some forums where people could help each other out 
> answer quests etc...something searchable.
> I am considering the following:
> 1. plone
> 2. phpnuke
> 3. postnuke
> 4. making my own (probably with java/jsp/servlets)
> any opinions?
> it need to be open-source and be UNIX based

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