[buug] "record" mp3/ogg?

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Tue Dec 21 23:38:59 PST 2004

Quoting Ian Zimmerman (itz at buug.org):

> Hi, I'm a rank beginner with digital sound, hence this question.
> There seem to be plenty of programs to "rip" tracks from a CD,
> save them in the lossy format of the day, and maybe reassemble
> them for burning on another CD.  But I want to create files
> from external source - really, whatever the sound card happens
> to play.  That's because I'd like to retire my stereo, but only
> after converting the really valuable LPs and tapes.  After
> a very short search I have not found any way to do that.
> Maybe I am asking the wrong question?  If so I'm sure Rick
> will correct that :-)

Since you didn't have much luck with picking something to _record_
sound files, I tried a Google search on "capture sound Linux".  

First of all, it appears that MP3 encoding utilities like BladeEnc
accept stdin, so you should be able to read directly from a sound device
file, as specified on the command line.  That seems like the most
straight-forward way, off the top of my head.

There's also a sound-capture client for the relatively obscure sound
server named JACK (or JACKit), detailed here:

This thread...
...suggests you should be able to use KRecord or audicity directly for
the purpose you have in mind.  Consensus seems to favour audicity.

This article...
...says to use something called "ecasound" to do the capture from
/dev/dsp, and then audicity to clean it up (if necessary).

There's a Freshmeat category with a mere 130 entries in it:

'Hope that helps.  (I'd not gotten around to considering this problem

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