[buug] Early summary [Was: "record" mp3/ogg?]

Ian Zimmerman itz at buug.org
Thu Dec 23 22:41:44 PST 2004

Ian> Hi, I'm a rank beginner with digital sound, hence this question.
Ian> There seem to be plenty of programs to "rip" tracks from a CD, save
Ian> them in the lossy format of the day, and maybe reassemble them for
Ian> burning on another CD.  But I want to create files from external
Ian> source - really, whatever the sound card happens to play.  That's
Ian> because I'd like to retire my stereo, but only after converting the
Ian> really valuable LPs and tapes.  After a very short search I have
Ian> not found any way to do that.

A quick run down the list of people's suggestions.

1/ I was unaware that general-purpose audio file editors like audacity
can record line-in.  It certainly seems to contradict the "one job well"
maxim, but I guess we've come a long way (toward hell, that is).

Had I known, I probably wouldn't even have posted, because it's the
record (or capture) part that I was missing.  Thanks for pointing out
that it's worth saving to a lossless format, though.

2/ vsound is for recording audio output of programs, and thus isn't
applicable to my situation.

3/ ecasound seems like exactly what I am looking for.  It even has
an Emacs interface :-)

4/ gramophile can detect and cut tracks,  but I really hate it's
half-arsed curses UI (it doesn't even react to screen size change).
It would have been much better off with a straight CLI like ecasound.

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