[buug] getting sendmail to log other SMTP header info

Bob Read unixjavabob at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 2 14:50:21 PST 2004

Hey buug,
   First off, I installed FreeBSD 5.2 yesterday.  I
was playing my drumset and the install died during
port installs...my monitor was across the room and I
didn't read the message.  Anyone know the command for
re-installing all the ports (ie I want to insert the
ports CD and then run a command from command-line to
re-install the X-developer ports...without using the
install util).
   I tried to install Debian, but the hardware support
matrix did not include my intel gigE nics, so I gave
up after a couple hours of that.  Hard to find docs
for the intel-gige nic module for Debian.  Probably
should have posted to buug...oh well.

    Which brings me to my real question:

    Sendmail logs (arbitrarily?) a specific list of
name value pairs to syslogd, including Size=, From=,
    How do I get other Header name=value pairs to show
up in that log?


Bob Read
Exit Code Incorporated
cell (510)-703-1634
unixjavabob at yahoo.com

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