[buug] Need lil help in mrouted problem

Umesh Balani UmeshB at NIIT.com
Thu Jan 15 23:11:20 PST 2004

Hi Guys, 

Please help.

Here's what I am trying to do.

I have two Subnets on my lan, i.e. (mask and (mask 
My App is VIC (actually using something as CVW Server, with VIC as one of
its components)

Overview of my network.

			Hardware Layer 3 Switch with IP Forwarding enabled
(but no MCAST forwarding enabled)

Windows Box 						Windows Box
Def Gateway				Def Gateway
VIC Broadcasts						VIC Should Be able
to subscribe.
VIC Should Be able to subscribe.			VIC Broadcasts

Since my switch does not enable Mcast forwarding I have setup a mrouted
tunnel on FreeBSD this way

			Hardware Layer 3 Switch with IP Forwarding enabled
(but no MCAST forwardign enabled)

Freebsd 5.2 Box(with mrouted 1st end point)		Freebsd 5.2 Box(with
mrouted 2nd end point)			<------------------------>
Def Gateway				Def Gateway

Here is the mrinfo result on both the bsd boxes that tells me the tunnel is
up and running. mrinfo ( [version
3.255,prune,genid,mtrac --> (local) [1/1/leaf] --> ( [1/1/tunnel]

mrinfo ( [version 3.255,prune,genid,mtrace] --> (local) [1/1/leaf] --> ( [1/1/tunnel]

Yes.. I had compiled the kernel with the mrouting option.

Here are the mrouted.conf files for the both end points.

End Point
phyint ed0

End Point
phyint rl0

The Mcast range I am using is 239.10.x.x

Problems I am facing.
1. Host in 24 subnet starts mcasting and the host in 26 sometimes
automatically gets the the mcast, sometimes doesn't get it and vice versa. 
Why is this happening. I have to restart one or both of the mrouted services
then the 
video appears on the other subnet box.

2. After a few minutes say 3 -5 mins the mcast transmission mysteriously
dies out. Cant understand why.

Please help...
Umesh Balani

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