[buug] NIS, X libs and Permissions

jwithers grayarea at reddagger.org
Sat Jul 3 16:48:20 PDT 2004

Hoping someone can help me with a most odd and perplexing problem.

I set up a couple of RH9 workstations for a client, these workstations
are going to handle graphics stuff and use NVIDIA graphics cards.
Account auth is handled by NIS.

Now, when I use an account local to the workstations, everything works
fine. But when I use an account that is coming from NIS, everything
works fine, _except_ the 3d drivers for the nvidia cards won't load. The
actual error is:

Xlib: extension "GLX" missing on display ":0.0"

Now, if this were happening in general, I would know the cause. It would
be a bad XF86Config or driver install causing the nvidia custom glx 3d
extension not to load. But, again, it works like a champ when the
accounts are coming from the local /etc/passwd file. And before those
aware of nvidia installs start on it, the XF86Config's are setup
correctly, with dri out, glx in, and nvidia drivers instead of nv.

There are other RH9 boxes using the same setup at this shop setup by
someone previous to me, and they work fine. I have checked the
permissions for what appear to be the relevant libs and they are the
same on the pre-existing boxes as on my two new ones. Also checked the
XF86Config's and they are the same as well.

The kernels are stock RH9 off the install disks. The NVIDIA drivers are
not using precompiled driver versions, but are custom compiling against
the running kernel. The fact they are working locally pretty much rules
out a driver/kernel mismatch issue in my mind.

If this weren't working period, then I would get it. But the working for
locally authed users and not for NIS authed users is stumping me. The
NIS authed users appear to be working perfectly, except for this one
thing. I have a very, very uneducated hunch that PAM might be playing
into this somewhere, but don't really know enough about PAM, NIS and X
interactions to really have a clue, it is just a kneejerk guess.

If some NIS guru out there can point me in the right direction on this,
it would be very much appreciated.


John P. Withers

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