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You might want to check out Alameda County property and Salvage in San Leandro next to Fairmont Hospital.  That's where Alameda county disposes of just about everything.  A couple of years ago I picked up a pair of complete Sun workstations for just a bit over $200.

"Tim Mansfield" <tim at smallschools.org> wrote ..
> Hi, 
> I am going to be the technology teacher at Beacon School, a small, personalized,
> progressive school in Oakland.  
> http://www.beaconschools.org/home.htm
> It's not a public school, but it's not just a bunch of rich kids; the school
> founder Thelma Farley makes a real effort to get a truly diverse bunch
> of kids in there (many on scholarship).
> So, there's a computer lab there with its own DSL line and fixed IP address.
> The lab contains 10 iMacs, 9 relatively new Dell PC's, and 1 larger generic
> PC being used as a file server (it's running Windows 2000 Server).  
> The school wants to shunt the iMacs off to the side as a multimedia lab,
> and get 10 more PC's to replace them so the lab (i.e., the client OS's
> the kids are learning and using) are unified.  
> They don't have much money, so are looking for creative ways to accomplish
> this.
> Assuming we can get the necessary number of PC's (10 more), I'm willing
> to consider converting the whole lab to Linux, clients and server(s). 
> Even if we don't convert everything, I'd like to add a web server running
> Linux to the mix.  I have an extra PC I'll donate for this purpose.
> If anyone in the group has suggestions or help to offer, please let me
> know.  
> Thanks--
> --Tim

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