[buug] Hard Disk Data Recovery Recommendations?

Bruce Ferrell bferrell at baywinds.org
Thu Jun 10 21:09:40 PDT 2004

Have you considered trying to access the drive under linux?  I've found 
I can sometimes get in that way.  I seem to recall a freshmeat project a 
few weeks back for reading damaged drives.

Brian Sobolak wrote:
> Nick Sophinos said:
>>Hello Everyone,
>>A neighbor of mine came to me yesterday and told me that her hard drive is
>>physically trashed and was considering going to Best Buy for data recovery
>>services.  I suspect that there must be a better alternative around here
>>Berkeley.  Once I take a look at it and verify that the hard disk really
>>toast, does anyone have a reccomendation as to where to bring it to?  If
>>matters, she probably has Windows XP for the OS.
> Last time this happened to me, I took it to a place in San Leandro.  I
> found it in the back of one of those free computer newspapers often found
> on the streets.  You should know however that it is *not cheap*.  This was
> 1998 (or so) and it was a 1GB drive - cost me $900.
> Hopefully prices have come down, but still, I doubt it will be cheap.
> That was the most expensive term paper ever,
> brian
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