[buug] (buug) Network rebuild

John Albrecht glueline at sbcglobal.net
Sat May 15 06:00:55 PDT 2004

  I need some direction as to the best way to set up
my home network with a UNIX (freeBSD) foundation. The
windows set up is deteriorating, for alot of reasons,
so a rebuild is on the horizon. I have to have two of
my boxes be windows because of software needs, but the
rest can be freeBSD. The goal is to shift all of the
name,dns, and dhcp needs along with a firewall to
smaller boxes. There are at least two that could be
use for this project.
  I currently have a Win2K server that handles my
name,dns, and dhcp. Also am running a Win2K Pro
workstation along with (currently) 4 freeBSD boxes
that are running seti at home. There are several more
freeBSD boxes that are not running at the moment
because of a office remodel.
  All machines have access to the internet via DSL and
a D-link DI-604.

                            Thank you for your time!
                            John J. Albrecht

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