[buug] mfc dev with linux

johnd john at jjdev.com
Mon May 17 16:58:46 PDT 2004

Anyone have any ideas for me.  I have a project to do that needs to run on
windows.  From what I know it is a GUI client that will use MFC.  I know
very little about windows programming, but will learn what I need to for
the project.

I don't have a windows box.  In the past I've only played with wine and
never really done anything serious.  I'm building it now and plan to set
it up again.  I have access to Visual Studio (I assume I will need this).

I'm hoping to keep my normal way of developing (vi and a command line compiler)

I've been reading up on the MS compiler and see they have a command line

Anyone here have experience developing for Windows with a %100 Linux
environment.  I'd think I could just cross compile with gcc, except for the
fact that I'll be using MFC.  

I'm open to feedback if anyone has anything to suggest I do.

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