[buug] mfc dev with linux

Mike Hedlund mike at boom.net
Tue May 18 10:03:24 PDT 2004

Are you taking over someone elses project which has already been started using MFC, or are you doing it from scratch? Either way, I'd probably just use the native VC++ environment as you will spend 3-5x as much time trying to get your custom environment working.

I used to do a decent amount of windows development work (mostly porting, some native stuff) and I found VC++ easy to use and quick when I just wanted to Get It Done.



On Mon, May 17, 2004 at 04:58:46PM -0700, johnd <john at jjdev.com> wrote:

> Anyone have any ideas for me.  I have a project to do that needs to run on
> windows.  From what I know it is a GUI client that will use MFC.  I know
> very little about windows programming, but will learn what I need to for
> the project.
> I don't have a windows box.  In the past I've only played with wine and
> never really done anything serious.  I'm building it now and plan to set
> it up again.  I have access to Visual Studio (I assume I will need this).
> I'm hoping to keep my normal way of developing (vi and a command line compiler)
> I've been reading up on the MS compiler and see they have a command line
> version.
> Anyone here have experience developing for Windows with a %100 Linux
> environment.  I'd think I could just cross compile with gcc, except for the
> fact that I'll be using MFC.  
> I'm open to feedback if anyone has anything to suggest I do.
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