[buug] two urls one ip...with ssl

John de la Garza john at jjdev.com
Thu Sep 2 07:15:26 PDT 2004

they have to be port 80 and 443...that is pretty much a given for a 
commerical web site

http on 80
https on 443

I pretty much got what I was looking for

I just wanted a confirmation of what I knew, before I tell management 
they must do it different

On Sep 2, 2004, at 6:04 AM, Brian Dessent wrote:

> John de la Garza wrote:
>> That is what I thought...they are two domain names.   I told managment
>> that SSL and name based vhosts don't work together and we need two 
>> IP's
> You can use seperate ports on the same IP or seperate IPs with the same
> port.  You can't do them both on the same IP and port though, as you've
> noted.
> Brian

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