[buug] Re: Bay area keysigning meetings and mailing list

Michael Paoli mp at rawbw.com
Thu Sep 9 21:27:21 PDT 2004

There's now a (San Francisco) Bay Area keysigning mailing list, with
archiving, and some upcoming keysigning events in the Bay Area.
2004-09-28 Mountain View https://www.biglumber.com/x/web?ev=40234
2004-10-04 Berkeley (at least proposed, see below)
Seems an e-mail to some regional folks on www.biglumber.com and a lot of
reply-all lead to the list (with archiving, and at least some initial
keysigning events) :-).


Quoting Gregory Sutter <gsutter "at" zer0.org>:

> Hey all.  After discussion at our Tied House keysigning last night, I
> came up with a couple of ideas.

> First, why is there no semi-regular keysigning meeting?  BALUG and
> BAFUG and countless others seem to be able to have monthly meetings.
> So, I propose meeting at Jupiter in Berkeley on October 4 2004,
> and continuing monthly meetings on the first Monday of each month,
> perhaps in rotating Berkeley-SF-peninsula locations.  Jupiter, 21st
> Amendment in SF, and Tied House in Mtn View all seem like great
> places to be drinkers with a PGP problem.  Or vice versa.

> Second, to facilitate coordination and discussion for those who are
> interested, without bothering those who are not interested, I've
> created a mailing list.  Please feel free to sign yourself up.
> IMO we should continue our discussion on the list so we can stop
> flooding random email addresses.

>   http://zer0.org/mailman/listinfo/ba-keysign/

>   ba-keysign-subscribe at zer0.org

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