[buug] Changing PostScript page size

Joseph Zitt jzitt at josephzitt.com
Sun Aug 14 20:59:42 PDT 2005

Hi. I'm having trouble with a PostScript file, and hope someone here can 
lend enlightenment.

The file was created on a Windows 98 box in Adobe FrameMaker 6. The 
document page dimensions were 6"x9". FrameMaker, however, seems to be 
able to output PostScript in a fixed set of page sizes, so the .ps file 
that it generated had US Letter (8"x11") sized pages, with the 6"x9" 
pages p;aced within them.

Is there a good Linux-based (or, for that matter, Windows-based) tool 
that can change the page sizes back appropriately, with the margins 
trimmed to what they originally were? I have Ghostscript, but I'm not 
seeing how to do it within that.

Thanks for any clues. I have a rather desperate and intense need to do 
this immediately (which I can explain, if you wish, backchannel but not 
here), so any help would be most appreciated.

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