[buug] Changing PostScript page size

rubinson at email.arizona.edu rubinson at email.arizona.edu
Sun Aug 14 23:42:06 PDT 2005

On Sun, Aug 14, 2005 at 08:59:42PM -0700, Joseph Zitt wrote:
> The file was created on a Windows 98 box in Adobe FrameMaker 6. The
> document page dimensions were 6"x9". FrameMaker, however, seems to
> be able to output PostScript in a fixed set of page sizes, so the
> .ps file that it generated had US Letter (8"x11") sized pages, with
> the 6"x9" pages p;aced within them.
> Is there a good Linux-based (or, for that matter, Windows-based) tool 
> that can change the page sizes back appropriately, with the margins 
> trimmed to what they originally were? I have Ghostscript, but I'm not 
> seeing how to do it within that.

Hrm.  That seems odd.  I don't know Framemaker, but the simplest
solution from my perspective would be to use Framemaker to output at a
regular 8x11 papersize and then use psresize to change the paper
size.  psresize is part of the psutils package.  Lots of goodies there
that you might want to look at.

You probably have psutils on your Linux box.  If not, it's available
at http://gershwin.ens.fr/vdaniel/Doc-Locale/Outils-Gnu-Linux/PsUtils/


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