[buug] Changing PostScript page size

Tony Godshall togo at of.net
Mon Aug 15 10:46:50 PDT 2005

According to Joseph Zitt,
> rubinson at email.arizona.edu wrote:
> >>>Is there a good Linux-based (or, for that matter, Windows-based) tool 
> >>that can change the page sizes back appropriately, with the margins 
> >>trimmed to what they originally were? I have Ghostscript, but I'm not 
> >>seeing how to do it within that.
> >
> >
> >Hrm.  That seems odd.  I don't know Framemaker, but the simplest
> >solution from my perspective would be to use Framemaker to output at a
> >regular 8x11 papersize and then use psresize to change the paper
> >size.  psresize is part of the psutils package.  Lots of goodies there
> >that you might want to look at.
> Thanks. I did, indeed, try psresize (though I found it just after I sent 
> the post).  Viewing the result through gv, however, it looks like it 
> shrank the first page so that it fit within the smaller space, then 
> replaced the other 400 pages with scattered, inscrutable error messages. 
> (I can view the original ps file in gv just fine.)
> Digging further through psutils, I tried running the original file 
> through fixfmps, which is supposed to fix FrameMaker-induced PostScript 
> problems (though its development seems to have ended five years before 
> the release of the version of FrameMaker that I use). That also gave 
> errors similar to those that psresize gave.

I've found pstops or ps2ps sometimes helps clean up a file
so other tools (psbook) work on it better.

Poster may be useful to you as well... it resizes with the
option to produce the output on many smaller pages.

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