[buug] re: Free BSD and PCBSD

Tato Thetza thetza at sent.com
Sat Dec 10 21:03:28 PST 2005

>> Hello,

>> I'm newbie to Free BSD. I have debian sarge installed
>> on my PC but when I try to install Free BSD version
>> 6.0 release, its completely different from debian.
>> It's not easy to install Free BSD. 

>> I try PCBSD now and it just like installing windows
>> :). Why Free BSD is not make a project to make
>> sysinstall like PCBSD installer? I think it's going to
>> be easy for Windows users to try Free BSD in the
>> future. 

>> Thanks.
>> Indra Muliadi 

#1 The main target of FreeBSD is servers; using an automated graphical
installer is not really an option. Besides, if you understand basic
things like partitioning, sysinstall is easy.
#2 The orignal goal of FreeBSD was never to attract windows users.
#3 if you like PC-BSD, by all means use it! it is designed specifically
for desktop users converting from windows, and it has an interesting
package management system.


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