[buug] I would like to pay someone to help me with a kernel patch

Michael Paoli mp at rawbw.com
Mon Feb 14 23:05:12 PST 2005

You might also try asking around some of the local/regional LINUX users
groups, as what you're looking at is (relatively) LINUX specific.

Though not exactly 100% up-to-date, this URL has a pretty good list
of (mostly) regional LINUX users groups:
You can also take about 3 or so LINUX user group name acronyms (particularly
if the group is more alive/active) and sprinkle them into a Google search
(perhaps along with LINUX or on their LINUX specialized search), and come
up with a fair number of web pages including local/regional LINUX users

If you haven't already, you might want to check into some of the
LINUX installfest events.  Though they're more geared towards doing
installs, you may want to inquire to see if they might be able to
assist you with something like this at one of the install events.

Quoting Nick Sophinos <nickmdf at tsoft.com>:

> I have a Dell D600 in which I have Fedora Core 3 installed.
> Most everything is working but I still may need to patch the kernel in 
> order to get the S3 suspend state to work, as prescribed in these
> web pages
> http://www.loria.fr/~thome/d600/#build
> http://www.hep.phy.cam.ac.uk/~andersen/fedora2latitude600.html
> I would need someone who has been through this (or something similar)
> before to work with me for a couple of hours to get this to work.
> Specifically, if the kernel needs patching, I have never done this
> before.  
> I would pay someone the going rate for such expertise.  We could meet at
> my house, your house, or at a place like the Au Coculet.  
> Is anyone available or know where I could get someone?

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