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Jon Phillips jon at rejon.org
Fri Jul 8 20:36:52 PDT 2005

On Fri, 2005-07-08 at 10:58 -0700, Gabriel Gabriel wrote:
> Hello:  I'm new to FreeBSD. I tried it on VMWare
> virtual machines and I managed to bring it up all the
> way to the Gnome graphical environment but, as soon as
> I installed it on a real machine I got trouble.  I've
> tried unsuccessfully to start a Gnome session on 2
> different machines: a PIII Compaq and a 2800+ Athlon
> machine.  The latter is the one I'm interested in
> running FreeBSD (v 5.4).  I have an Athlon proc. 2800+
> class, a Gigabyte 7nnxp mobo and an ATI 9600 Radeon
> video card.  Everything seems to work fine and install
> fine, but I can't start Gnome.  I tried with and
> without ATI's Linux/Xorg driver and keep on getting
> error messages. "failure to initialize core devices"
> "no matching section found for device XXXX" (the card
> installs as two devices on Win XP and Win 2k3). 
> Apparently the "no matchin section found..." is for
> the second???? part of the card.  Can anybody shed
> some light on me? plz! ThX!

Sounds like you are having a problem with X windows. Try to do from the


Copy and paste what is output from that...

Also, try:

	X -probeonly

And paste the output back in an email.

What it sounds like you need is to get your X configuration file sorted
and then start your system. Someone who is familiar with freebsd's X
configuration could probably help you even better than me.

To generate a new config file from X, you can generate a new X configure
file by doing :

	X -configure


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