[buug] DHCP and option 82

Michael Paoli mp at rawbw.com
Mon Jul 11 20:37:30 PDT 2005

Do you know if your FreeBSD installation is using the ISC DHCP server?
If so that DHCP server is well documented, and quite standards conformant.  If
I'm not mistaken, by default it logs via syslog, but command line options
and/or configuration file options can alter that behavior (likely also
including what it does and doesn't log, when, how, and where, etc.)

Quoting Dan Ross <dan.ross at hamiltontel.com>:

> No,
> I am still searching for this answer.
> Michael Paoli wrote:
> >Did you manage to already get your question answered?
> >Quoting Dan Ross <dan.ross at hamiltontel.com>:
> >>I am new to the forum and so I am probably asking an old question.  So 
> >>forgive me ahead of time.  I am trying to figure out how to configure my 
> >>DHCP server on my FreeBSD server such that it supports Option 82 AND 
> >>logs the information in a database so I can search the database for 
> >>historical info.  Has anybody tried either one or both of these?  Input 
> >>would be most helpful.

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