[buug] DHCP and option 82

Michael Paoli mp at rawbw.com
Tue Jul 12 22:08:57 PDT 2005

Well, you might get answer(s) sooner and/or get better answer(s) on/with
some list(s)/forum(s), ...

I peeked a bit more at the ISC DHCP server (
).  I don't quickly/easily find anything much beyond logging configurations
and debug option(s).  Perhaps cranking up the logging level and/or directing
that to file (or pipe, etc.) may suffice.  When all else fails, it does
come with source. :-)

Quoting Dan Ross <dan.ross at hamiltontel.com>:

> I installed the ISC version myself.  However, the only documentation so 
> far is in the man pages which only describe the most rudimentary aspect 
> of the of processing option 82.  It mentions nothing about rerouting the 
> logs of the entries to the lease file.  There seems to be no list 
> anywhere regarding what the circuit ID's or Relay Agent ID numbers are, 
> or how to obtain them.  The only examples I can find are where the 
> instance was made specifically for their site and they not only dont 
> know where they got the relay agent info, they also have it logging to 
> the syslog and dont know how to change that.  We want it logging to a 
> mysql database so we can look up who got what address when.
> The only application that comes close to this is DIXIE which didnt work 
> and had even worse documentation.
> Is there a pdf somewhere I dont know about that goes over setting up a 
> ISC server for option 82?  Because the man pages are about as useful as 
> the RFC describing the option.
> Michael Paoli wrote:
> >Do you know if your FreeBSD installation is using the ISC DHCP server?
> >If so that DHCP server is well documented, and quite standards conformant. 
> If
> >I'm not mistaken, by default it logs via syslog, but command line options
> >and/or configuration file options can alter that behavior (likely also
> >including what it does and doesn't log, when, how, and where, etc.)
> >Quoting Dan Ross <dan.ross at hamiltontel.com>:
> >>No,
> >>I am still searching for this answer.
> >>Michael Paoli wrote:
> >>>Did you manage to already get your question answered?
> >>>Quoting Dan Ross <dan.ross at hamiltontel.com>:
> >>>>I am new to the forum and so I am probably asking an old question.  So 
> >>>>forgive me ahead of time.  I am trying to figure out how to configure my
> >>>>DHCP server on my FreeBSD server such that it supports Option 82 AND 
> >>>>logs the information in a database so I can search the database for 
> >>>>historical info.  Has anybody tried either one or both of these?  Input
> >>>>would be most helpful.

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